Mischievous Malware

August 13, 2019

Unfortunately, malware is not a foreign term. In fact, it’s pretty well known to anyone who uses a computer. There are several types of malware as well as mediums in which you may receive it. So, before you click on that link for the free cruise you won, think about all of the personal data you could be giving away.     First, let’s take a quick tour of the […]


Ransomware: Why It’s Getting Publicity and What to Do About It

August 12, 2019

Even though ransomware attacks decreased in 2018, they remain a major threat in the cybersecurity landscape. So much so, that ransomware was recently featured on 60 Minutes. The story primarily covers three major instances of ransomware—two that affected municipalities, and a third that targeted a hospital.  All three were attacked in a way that encrypted every […]


Social Engineering = Fancy Job Title for Hackers

August 6, 2019

Most people are aware of terms like phishing and malware, but did you know those are a part of a larger scheme called social engineering? This is not a new kind of fraud, in fact, it’s been used for many years to manipulate a wide range of people into giving up important data about themselves […]


Cloud Etiquette 101

June 17, 2019

Horrible house guests, we’ve all had them. Whether it’s that annoying family member that overstays their welcome, or that old college buddy that leaves beer cans and potato chip crumbs all over your couch. If you thought that was bad etiquette, you’ve yet to see the worst… Imagine coming into the office and finding that […]


Transitioning to the Cloud

June 10, 2019

Are you considering moving your company to the cloud? There are a lot of perks. First, it allows your company to more easily scale up and down based on system needs. When you host software on site, you have to invest wholly in the server required, whether or not you’re utilizing that server fully. If […]