Want to build your credibility as a leader? Establish these five habits, now.

Studies show that only 49% of employees trust their senior management and only 28% believe that CEOs are a credible source of information. Crazy, right? This says a lot about the perception of leadership in the workplace. Trust and credibility go hand-in-hand and leaders should absolutely aspire to obtain both.

Unfortunately, establishing credibility as a leader doesn’t happen overnight. But with a little patience and effort, it certainly can be achieved over time. Credible leaders are great examples of using their actions to speak louder than their words. They deliver what they promise, every time. They also have a list of habits that they practice day-in and day-out to keep that sense of trust strong.

Here are a few that you can incorporate immediately. Over time, you should see a drastic difference in the mentality around the office.

Honesty: Credible leaders are extremely open when it comes to explaining their plans and have no hidden agendas. Transparency is key. Many trustworthy leaders create honest work environments in which unethical behavior isn’t tolerated and there are no secrets or rumors floating around the halls.

Accountability: Successful leaders take full responsibility for their actions and decisions. If a mistake happens, a credible leader doesn’t look to the group to place the blame. Instead, they accept that things went wrong due to a decision they made and then do everything in their power to rectify the situation in an efficient manner. Wasting time pointing fingers is a clear sign of a leader who probably doesn’t inspire much confidence from his/her employees.

Trust: Credible leaders are extremely confident in the abilities of their team and aren’t afraid to delegate. Because they have taken the time to train and support their staff, trustworthy leaders can hand over the reins willingly and without doubt. They understand that employees become committed and engaged when they are given responsibility.

Loyalty: Successful leaders remain true to themselves and their team. They are supportive and truly care about their people, making it much easier for them to gain reciprocal loyalty. As humans, we have an innate ability to sense when someone is being genuine or not. It’s easy, as an employee, to go above and beyond for a boss who you know truly cares about you.

Education: Credible leaders are always learning and looking to expand their knowledge. They understand that the business world is always evolving and they need to stay relevant in order to be the most effective. They also try to impart that desire for knowledge into their employees, because they know growing together as a company builds loyalty and a solid reputation.