How to Avoid Common Holiday Season Scams

December 5, 2017

With the holiday season swiftly approaching, it’s important for consumers to be vigilant about online scams. Unfortunately, about 70 percent of consumers don’t know how to stay safe from common holiday scams, and many engage in risky behaviors that could see them fall prey to fraudsters. Below are a few common tricks to watch for […]


Why You Should Wear Technology

November 27, 2017

Most of the modern population sports smartwatches or activity tracker bracelets like they’ve always been part of a normal day. Similar to the release of the iPad—which was met with criticism and doubt—wearables entered the world amidst skepticism and judgement. But those die-hard few who are always game to try any new technology gave wearables […]


Boost Focus with These 4 Apps

November 20, 2017

Distractions are everywhere, ready to steal your time, your attention and your productivity. It’s downright difficult to focus sometimes. We’ve all been there. While you’re updating your CRM, you switch over to Facebook for a few minutes, just to look. Then your phone rings. So of course, you answer it. You hang up and notice […]


How to Successfully Crush That Tech Addiction

November 13, 2017

A lot of our daily activities are directly tied to our phone, tablet, laptop, TV, or connected smart gadget. And for some people, this daily reliance on technology has surged upwards into an addiction, rendering it difficult to make eye contact or to participate in a meaningful conversation. Unfortunately, it’s true. Too much technology can […]


How Secure is Your Password?

November 6, 2017

When you create a weak password, you unknowingly create a major vulnerability. What’s a vulnerability? It’s a hole into your online life and gives hackers a golden opportunity to tear down your financial life and personal identity. Because of this, you should always keep your passwords as impenetrable as possible. Let’s get real for a […]